Midi export not playing drums

Hi there;

Using Cubase 12.0. I imported a midi track so that I could strip some of the instruments out of it. I muted the tracks I didn’t want. Everything sounds fine in Cubase.

I exported the tracks as a midi1 file.

I played back - in Windows Media Player and VLC media player - to make sure the tracks I muted would not get exported anyways. They didn’t. That was good.

Except the resulting file did not contain the drums.

I can import the resulting file back into Cubase and the drums are there. They just don’t play using a media player.

Any thoughts? I feel like it is more a Codec issue than a Cubase issue, but…?



Does the Media Player plays other but MIDI Channel 1?

Have you checked the bar to see if the drummer is hanging out there?

Drums used to always use channel 10.


Hey! Thanks for the replies.

The default for Cubase Seems to be to read the midi tracks and assign them to their appropriate virtual instruments in Halion Sonic SE. Each instrument is on its own channel with drums on channel 10.