MIDI- export: Not the whole score is exported


I wanted to export a SATB-choir score into MIDI, but only 1 voice was exported!

With XML it worked without a problem!

Probably a bug?

Sounds like a problem with settings at the source (Cubase?)
Are you using MIDI 0 or MIDI 1 export (although that would result in a very strange “single” voice if you got it reversed)?

I would like to export my scores from Dorico as a MIDI.

Later I open the MIDI with Cubase, but only the first voice out of the Choir arrangement is imported in Cubase. (Also in the folder with the exported MIDI files theres is only 1 file…)

Is there a possibility to change export function (i.e. the MIDI format (0 or 1) in Dorico??

First, I misunderstood the direction you were moving: from Dorico and into Cubase.

Still, when I exported a two-stave, four-voice piece from Dorico in MIDI format, it played back properly in Sonar.

You are correct that Dorico does not appear to give any way to configure your MIDI export. I would, however, check to see what layout is selected (in Print, Playback, and Write Modes) just to make sure. My export did say “full score” in the MIDI file title, so that gives you a way to check what Dorico thinks it’s exporting.

Admittedly Dorico’s MIDI export capabilities are presently at a basic level, which the Team understands.

IIRC, Dorico uses the first layout for midi export - the one that is on top of the list in setup mode. Make sure you have a layout containing all instrument, and move it to the top.

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Thank you very much for your help! It works! :slight_smile: