MIDI EXPORT options?

I have a doubt regarding MIDI export, sometimes I do some piano video edits exporting the midi from dorico to Synthesia but always the MIDI file takes it as a single “part” as if it was being played by the same hand with the same color, and I ended up editing in Synthesia the notes of each hand with its color, but I would like to save that time.

I thought it was a Synthesia issue, but if I pass the same file to “PlayScore 2” and from there I export the midi to Synthesia then if I split it in 2 parts it comes out configured with each hand with its color.

Is there a dorico that I can configure?

So far the solution I found is to create a separate flow and there put two Pianos and in each one put only what the right hand plays and the other piano the left hand and then export the midi as I mentioned. But I want to save that time!

Did you enable independent voice playback for the piano before exporting the MIDI?

Thank you! I will check it out thank you very much! Do you know if this option is on dorico ipad

I’m afraid I don’t believe independent voice playback is currently included in Dorico for iPad.

Yes, it is available!

By the way @dspreadbury , it would be appreciated if more engrave mode options were included in dorico ipad, hopefully they will consider making a “pro” version instead of Element and improvements for the Apple Pencil since it would be an excellent app for iPad.