MIDI export - Patch assignment

I can’t stand the default AAH voice sound for my hymns, so I switched the sound for my “Soprano Instrument” to a piano. It works great in Dorico, but all my MIDI file exports have the original AAH patch. Short of manually editing hundreds of MIDI files, how can I get Dorico to export MIDI files with the proper patch?


It’s not currently possible to do this. Part of the reason is that if you change a patch in a plugin (including Halion) then Dorico has no idea that you have done so, let alone which patch you have changed it to. Another factor is that the General MIDI patch that is used is a fallback, since the HSO patches aren’t accessible, so it tries to use the default GM fallback for the current instrument.

In the future we hope to have much better support for both instrument editing and other playback configurations.

Thanks for your answer. I got around this (sort of) by changing the instrument to piano and then exporting the hundreds of MIDI files. Of course, this messed my engraving layouts, but I didn’t save changes.

If you have a large number of MIDI files that you want to modify in some consistent way then one option (if you’re confident) is to write a simple Python script using the MIDO library: