Midi Export Precision

Hi… geeky question here… how do I know if the fact that the midi notes don’t quite line up cleanly being a setting issue in Dorico vs. Maschine… and thus, who to ask if there are any potential work arounds to getting the desired result. Maschine doesn’t have a way to define tuples… so I was hoping to use Dorico to create some midi templates of various tuples to drop in when needed. I thought perhaps there might be a way to increase the resolution of the midi in Dorico to improve the output?

The 2nd image shows the same midi imported into garage band with similar (the same?) jankyness.

Dorico always uses 480 ticks per quarter note, so there is no way to increase the MIDI resolution. However, the “jankiness” can be greatly reduced by going to Playback Options>Timing>Note Start Positions and setting “Humanize the start positions of notes” to zero percent.

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Brilliant! Worked like a charm.