MIDI export question...

Hi there, I know how to send individual MIDI tracks to someone, but would they hear the same MIDI sounds that I hear on my end? How does that work? I started collaborating with some people and am trying to figure this out. They want to be able to mess with the structure of the notes on the grid, but still be able to hear the same sounds that I do. Thanks in advance!


If they use the same instrument (hw synth or virtual instrument) then yes, they will here exactly the same sound.

But do they have to also use Cubase? They are using GarageBand and Logic. Are you saying as long as they have some sort of virtual instrument software, then they will automatically hear what I’m hearing? Sorry if this is a basic level question. Thanks again.

If you use 3rd party virtual instruments, which you can use in both DAWs, then yes. But they always have to route it to the correct virtual instrument and set the sound.

Btw…can I somehow send my copy of Halion Sonic 2 to a couple people I am collaborating with so they can use it in Garage Band/Logic? Or would they need the eLicenser to be able to even run that? Like I mentioned in my previous post, I need them to be able to use the same virtual instrument software as me. I assume they would have to buy there own, but was wondering if this is even possible. I was talking to them earlier and realized, “hey, wait…maybe I can somehow copy Halion Sonic 2 and give it to them”. I’d be surprised if it’s that easy, but thought I would ask. Thanks for your help!


If they want to use HALion Sonic, they have to buy the license. There is HALion Sonic 3 for free, but with only very limited content (sound library).

Btw, I have Cubase LE 8 and I’m confused as to whether or not I have Groove Agent access because I see a Groove Agent ONE folder on my laptop. But when I try to open it, nothing happens. I already have Halion Sonic SE working, but do I also have access to Groove Agent ONE as well? If so, how would I activate it?

Also, you mentioned Halion Sonic 3 is FREE…would that be worth installing since I already have Halion Sonic SE 1? Would that have additional sounds that would expand my existing library? Thanks.


The question is, what exactly can you see from the Groove Agent One. Groove Agent One was a virtual instrument used in Cubase before Groove Agent SE. The last version was Cubase 5 or 6. In any case, Groove Agent One was 32-bit only, so in 64-bit Cubase, it would be bridged. But, might be, you can see just the Groove Agent One content.

Here you can download HALion Sonic SE 3 FREE. Yes, you can use it instead of HALion Sonic SE 1. But as far as I know, HALion Sonic SE 3 is 64-bit only. So make sure, you Cubase is 64-bit.

I installed Halion Sonic 3 and so far, from what I can tell, it’s no different than ONE, maybe a slightly different look. Am I missing something?

For Groove Agent ONE, I see 2 folders, a 32bit and 64bit. There’s also a Documentation folder with a pdf file. And again, nothing happens when I click to open either 32bit or 64bit. What do you mean by bridged? Is this an outdated version that’s not compatible with Cubase LE 8? Thanks.


Groove Agent One was part of older Cubase versions. Now, it’s not officially compatible. But it might work.

Could you send a screenshot, please? I still don’t understand, what you can see. Thanks.

Attached are a couple screenshots of what I see in the GrooveAgent folders. Let me know if you need anything else.

Also, for the two people I’m collaborating with, who don’t have Cubase, and would be using either GarageBand or Logic,…they would need to buy the eLicenser in order to use Halion Sonic 3(FREE version)? And how much would the license cost them, strictly for Halion Sonic 3? Or would they have to buy the Cubase DAW as a whole? Sorry, this is kinda confusing me…

To clarify…At this point, they are ONLY interested in being able to use Halion Sonic in there DAW’s(GB/Logic). How much is the license? How would they go about getting/buying said license? Really appreciate it Martin! :slight_smile:


OK, this is not Groove Agent folder, this is a Downloads folder. So it means, in the past, you downloaded this Groove Agent One, and this is the installer (I wonder, there is a Cubase icon, but might be, it was like this). But it’s not installed, if you didn’t install it. So it’s not present in Cubase. So if you double-click on it, it should install but…
A) It’s possible, this is update only, so it doesn’t install, because there is no the needed full installer, which would be updated.
B) The installer is not compatible with your Windows 10 anymore.

For the HALion Sonic SE 3, you don’t need the USB-eLicenser (the hardware dongle). The license is stored on the Soft-eLicenser.

I’m reading some more information about HALion Sonic SE 3, it’s kind of hidden, but I got it now. So… “The free HALion Sonic SE download version does not contain any content.” You can use this “player” for the other Steinberg content. Or you have to buy the HALion Sonic 3 (not SE). This is €249.

Or you can use other (3rd party) alternatives, which includes some sounds for free. For example NI Komplete Players with 500 sounds.

Thanks, I installed Kontakt player with a few instrument library packages. Will this also be compatible with GarageBand, Logic, and Ableton Live? Again, I’m asking because I want to be able to use the same sounds while collaborating with multiple people who are using different DAW’s than I am.

Yes, this can work with all DAWs.