MIDI Export Settings

Hi all,

I’ve found a couple related threads, but nothing very recent.

Is there currently any way to adjust PPQ in MIDI export? I have a 12/8 file I’d like to export as if triplets in 4/4, that is, at 800 PPQ instead of 1200.

No, there isn’t any way currently of changing the PPQN - it’s fixed to 480. Even if you could change the PPQN then I don’t think it would do what you expect since the interpretation in the MIDI file would be identical. A quarter note is still a quarter note.

Thanks Paul. What I’m doing unfortunately requires 1200 PPQ (and treats 12/8 as if it were triplets in 4/4, that is 1200 PP). Ah well.
Is there by any chance an easy-ish way of converting an entire project written in 12/8 into triplets in 4/4?

There isn’t, I’m afraid. See this other recent thread.