Midi Export so long

Hey Guys,
I can’t understand why midi exports are so long now !
Several minutes to export a single track with not so many instruments… I have 50 tracks to export one by one, can you imagine the time lost ?
Why did it become so long now ?
Here is a video to show the long time to export
I already tried some things : running in safe mode disabling preferences. No changes. Help me please !

Are you exporting midi or is it an audio export?


What do you mean by “now”, please? What has changed at your system from the time when the export time was OK, please?

Yes, he is exporting MIDI. It’s written there and the video shows it clearly.

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Hi Martin. I don’t remember when it has changed… I guess it’s since C11 or C12. Before it was working well. My System didn’t change.


Do you still have Cubase 11 installed by any chance (to be able to test it in Cubase 11), please?

Good idea ! I check this. Thanks

So It’s the same time with C11.

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I saw you have lots of MIDI Parts on the track. Just for the testing purpose… What happens if you glue all of the at the given track and then export, please?

Thks Martin for this suggestion. Unfortunately it’s the same… Even longer…



To be honest, I have no idea at this moment. Maybe someone else will inspire me.

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Try this:

  1. Select all MIDI tracks.
  2. While holding down ALT+SHIFT, set the output port of the tracks to “not connected”.
  3. Export MIDI to see if it takes less time.
What OpenAI 3.5 said (ChatGPT)

If you have external MIDI devices connected to your computer while exporting MIDI files, Cubase may send MIDI data to those devices during the export process. This can potentially introduce additional latency or processing overhead, which might indirectly affect the overall export speed. To minimize such potential interference, it’s advisable to disconnect or disable any MIDI devices that are not essential for the export process.

In summary, while MIDI ports themselves are not directly related to the speed of MIDI file export in Cubase 12, external MIDI devices connected to your system can indirectly impact the process. Disabling or disconnecting unnecessary MIDI devices during the export may help ensure smoother and faster exporting of MIDI files.

Full conversation, here.

If it’s the same with C11, then maybe your .cpr file is set somehow to make the export process longer.

Thanks for these suggestions. I will try this but anyway I can’t do this on big sessions as I have. Come back soon.


I find this approach from you very interesting! :+1:

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Hey guys,
Thanks for these advices. I had already disconnected all midi instances as I believed it was the main potential problem. I created a session without any plugins without any instruments. Just midi parts disconnected. Still the same problem.
My only solution is to reduce the length of the entire session. If I delete the 2000 bars after my cue, the midi export is very quick. It’s the only solution I found but it’s not satisfying as I have about 50 tracks to export… I think since C11 I have this new issue but it wasn’t the case before. Thanks for your help guys. I think I have to meet the technical service.

This is not clear to me. Please define “cue” and “track export”.

Sorry for the misunderstanding alin89c
the cue is the music piece : I have around 50 of them to export. They are delimited by cycle markers in my session. So forget about the “tracks”.

I read again what you said and even though it makes sense, it takes too much time to be understood, especially when newbies are reading. Please try to be more specific next time.

Or maybe it’s your reading skills?
I had no problem whatsoever understanding the issue as described.