Midi export (still) garbled beyond recognition

I’vebeen with Cubasis since v1 and have been using Cubasis3 on dozens of projects. Even with the latest revision, the ESSENTIAL FUNCTION of exporting MIDI tracks is not possible with Cubasis3. I uploaded several sample projects per Lars’ instructions, but have not received any follow ups. The reporting mechanism need to be more efficient, no one wants to be doing this. I dread having to search the board for solutions. Without proper BASIC MIDI export, I can’t collaborate across the great Apple divide with Logic and GB users. Maybe there’s a different way for exporting MIDI. Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. Summary/Title

  2. Description
    Exporting MIDI track via MIXDOWN>MIDI consistently yields unusuable garbled MIDI output.

  3. Expected Results
    On Cubasis2, this functionality was unremarakable. A MIDI file exported could be ported to other DAWs without any issues.

  4. Actual Results
    Drum tracks more than double in length. Instrument; e.g. piano, become sporadic and intermittent.

  5. Environment
    iOS13.5.1 on iPad Pro 10.5, Cubasis3 auto-updated, latest presumably

To be fair, there have been some important improvements. The audio file disappearing issue seems to be gone. Undo is also more reliable, so I know it’s making progress. I love Cubasis!

Hi kanegon,

Thanks for your report.

Please provide me with an example project, where MIDI fails to export.
Please upload the project via Dropbox, and let me have the download link via PM.


PM Sent

Hi kanegon,

Thanks for providing us with the additional files via PM.
Created a bug report and shared it with the team.