MIDI Export time signatures

When I export a flow with changes of time signatures via MIDI the time signatures show up in Sibelius correctly but not at all in Cubase 8.5. There I get only one 4/4 time at the beginning even when the music starts with 2/4.
The same file exported as .xml-file can be opened in Sibelius but in Cubase I cannot even open it.

I’m no expert in Cubase (I could not be further from being an expert in Cubase, in fact) but is there an option when you import the MIDI file to import the time signature and tempo information? I bet it’s lurking there somewhere.

Bear in mind that there are two ways of opening MIDI files in Cubase. One is to drop it into an existing project, which (I think) won’t add any time signatures or tempo changes. The other is to use File -> Import which does also import the time track.

Thanks a lot, Paul. I imported the MIDI-file into an opened cubase project that was completely empty. Obviously this is the same as to drop it from the Finder (Mac).
You have to import the MIDI file in a new cubase project, then you’ll get time signatures and tempos as well.
The cubase manual has more than 1500 pages but exactly this issue is not discussed in the options of MIDI-import.