Midi export with velocity?


Is there a way to export midi with the nuances wroten in Dorico’s project?

I exported one Dorico’s project to Ableton live,
and got all midi notes at the same velocity.

Is there a way to get all the nuances (crescendo, piano, forte…)
in the midi file, I export from Dorico?

I noticed also, that the midi content some low notes, (lower than the range of the instrument)
when I open it in Ableton live, maybe the ley switches…

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Yes they are key switches. I would suggest changing the playback template to HSSE Elements first and then do the export, as this doesn’t use keyswitches and uses velocity for dynamics.

When you export MIDI, the exported MIDI will be exactly as Dorico’s playack would be, including all MIDI controllers – both automatically applied and added by you in Play mode – and, as Paul says, all key switches.

Thank you for your replies :smiley:
here what I get from a score made with Dorico with crescendos diminuendos…
Imported to Ableton Live X and Logic Pro X

I’m afraid that’s all Greek to me, since I use neither Ableton nor Logic.

Sorry, I forgot that the HSSE Elements expression map uses CC11 (MIDI Expression) for dynamics, rather than note velocity. You can open the Endpoint Setup Dialog (in ‘VST Instruments’ - the ‘*’ button) and set the expression map for each instrument to ‘Default’ and then do the export - that will then use note velocity.

Thank you very much, Paul Walmsley!

I don’t understand midi very well but I could make it work with your explanations.

It would be nice to add it to the manual with some pictures.

In another project, I had all the track going to the main channel and couldn’t export a mix with only some instruments of the project.
I found that I had to set the Output in Hallion Sonic Se3 window, but it’s really hard to understand that “Output” can be clicked! :wink:
Here also a video or pictures would be helpful for Newbee like me.

If all the sounds in Halion Sonic SE are going to the same output then that suggests that you loaded HSSE manually in the VST Instruments panel. If you load HSSE like that then it is set up in its default configuration with all channels going to the same output. Generally the best way of using HSSE is to apply the Playback Template (HSSE Pro/Elements), which will set up every channel to have a different output, and then change any sounds, if you don’t like the ones that Dorico has chosen.