Midi exporting missing notes

I have a problem with midi exporting from cubase. It seems it doesn’t copy all the notes.
I found this out after I imported the midi file into Dorico and some midi notes where missing…
Please help!

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Could you attach a sample project, where we can reproduce it, please?

I can send you screenshots of the key editor and Dorico…You will see the notes missing. I also imported the midi file in Protools…same problem. I found out know that if you export it als Music XLM file, all the note are (hopefully) there…This is a workaround.


Could you share the source CPR file (at least the one track), so it’s possible to test it on other system?

Yes sure, could you provide me a email address please?


Could you share it via the Private Message here on the forum, please? Thank you.

Did you receive my email?


Sorry, I didn’t. Could you share the link via Private Message, please?

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Please, see attached screenshot. I made it at your account. You should see the same, if you click to my username here (obviously, myself I see different page, if I click to my own username).

I deleted your previous message. Please, don’t write no ones email address publicly.

I can only receive messages, not send them…It seems there is not only a bug in Cubase but also in the forum hahaha! Could you send me a private message?


It looks different, if you click to my username (this is what you want to do). Then you can send me a message. If you click to your username, you get your own page, where you can read your messages and setup your account.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I am having exactly the same problem. My friend is using Cubase, exporting midi files and sending to me (drums on different midi tracks) and I am importing into Reaper. SOME of the snare notes are just missing! I’ve tried importing into Audacity too and it’s the same. Yet I can see that the midi events are there in his Cubase. What’s going on?


The issue suppose to be fixed in C11.0.30. The reason in the original report/project was following:

  • The part of these missing notes has a Velocity reduction of -8.
  • In this case the computation subtracts 8 from a velocity of 1, which results in a value of 0 in this kind of algorithm, which was leading (and this was the bug, which has been fixed) to an invalid note (velocity 0 → NoteOff), which wasn’t exported.

Since Cubase 11.0.30, the minimum Velocity is 1 in these cases, so the MIDI Note is always exported.

It would be interesting, if you could share the project (or the affected track). So we could have a look, if there is any other way, how to trigger this wrong computation.

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Thank you for that info. I’ll get into my Cubase friend and see if he has the latest version