MIDI Expression Controler Inactive


I would like to give more life to a MIDI Violin track
I saw on videos that we can use the controler Midi Expression beside Velocity
Velocity is OK
However, if I draw a curve on the Expression controler, she doesn’t affect the sound
I’ve try with the Volume Expression and it’s the same result

I rarely use Midi and don’t realy know how it works
I admit that the part of the manual that speak about Expression Notes is a little bit obscure for me… :frowning:

Do I activate something or configure something to use this controls ?
Can I control it with my midi keyboard ?


PS : I use Cubase 8.5 with Philharmonique Miroslav 2

From what I gather from your post, you just need to set up the Miroslav Preset, to respond to MIDI Expression (MIDI CC#11)… If I remember correctly, none of the presets do so by default. Click on its “Learn” button, then on its Expression knob, then send CC#11 to it :wink:.

I have use the Midi Learn with the Expression Knob and I have associated à fader on my Keyboard
it work (when I’m playing)
How can I “send CC#11 to it” ?
When I want to use the automation Curve, it doesn’t work

What was the fader on your keyboard transmitting? You can check that by simply recording an otherwise empty MIDI track… just set “Record” then move your fader, then looking in Cubase’s List Editor for that track. You need it to transmit CC#11.