Midi expression map problems with Metropolis ARK (+other libraries)

Hello everyone,

I’m using expression maps to change articulations, and I’m having an issue (that seems like a bug), when sometimes, in a random fashion I think, the articulations won’t switch and the library is stuck on a previous articulation.
For example, the Cubase midi expression shows the correct articulation:

Which is “sustained octave” but it still plays Spiccatto, and won’t switch until I manually change it with the correct key note on the keyboard or click with the mouse on the articulation inside the library.

It happens randomly and sometimes it does work and switches to the correct articulation.

It also happens with a few different libraries but mostly with ARK.
Is there a fix for this? It’s very frustrating

I don’t get it, am I the only who experiencing those problems?

What also strange is that even when I write the desired articulation manually:


Cubase just doesn’t read it, the E0 is just stuck:

Only pressing on the note manually with the mouse fixes it. Does anybody know what could cause it?