Midi fade in/out

I haven’t been having much luck figuring out fade ins and outs. I am working with midi, so is it possible to create them using midi tracks? I’ve seen a few tutorials, read the manual and it isn’t working for me so I’m thinking it doesn’t work with midi tracks. I haven’t been able to record yet (still need some mics), so haven’t been able to try fade ins/out with an instrument track. Any help for me?

Are you controlling an external MIDI device? If so, what is it? Or, are you using MIDI to control a VSTi? If so, what is it? etc…

Automate volume?

Right, but which volume…it may be a MIDI CC going out to a keyboard, or it might a VSTi with a volume knob. etc…

Nah, all the same, MIDI sensitive VSTi should respond to MIDI volume (CC7)

Sure, but not all do and you may not want to use it. Again, the point is simply, what is the OP trying to automate? The answer will probably help explain why they can’t accomplish what they want.

sorry I was about to explain how I work but then thought saying midi tracks would suffice. As of right now I have no external devices ( mainly keyboard) to work with. I will always compose in Finale 2011/12 and then import the saved midi file into Cubase. I will need to be able to have all tracks fade in when needed, and since I cannot at moment create decrescendos, a fade out for individual tracks would do the trick ( I would think). I’ve seen tutorials on youtube explaining audio events and it all seems easy enough to me, but my tracks don’t have the things in the upper right and left corners to create fade ins/out. I’ve read the manual and tried the various ways it explains with no effect. I am not sure what I am missing, because it seems it should be easy enough for me to get something happening.

And you still haven’t really answered the question. What VSTi are you driving with the MIDI track. You are obviously getting sounds from something. What is that something?

Double clicking on a MIDI event will bring up the editor. At the bottom of the MIDI Key Editor window ther is a little plus + sign. click it. You probably already have a velocity lane. On the one you added with the plus sign, click where it says velocity and set it to CC7 Volume. A lot of VSTi will respond to that. Some won’t. For some Romplers it’s even a bad idea to control volume that way. Especially if you want crescendos and decrescendos.

But, give CC7 a whirl and see if that gets you started.