MIDI Fader Automation

Hi all,

I recently purchased a MIDI controller (Korg NanoKontrol 2) and got it set up and connected to Cubase no problem. The main faders I’m using are for expression and dynamics. My sounds respond to the MIDI controller very well, but I’m running into this issue:

Let’s say I’m recording something that I want to gradually increase in volume. I’ll begin recording with my faders down and gradually move them up to increase in volume. However, when I play the recording back, the beginning of the recording will start out loud and then drop down in volume after a second or two. Can anyone help figure out why this is happening?



Do you use Korg NanoKontrol 2 as plain MIDI Controller, or do you use it in the Mackie Control Mode? If you use it as plain MIDI Controller, could you attach a screenshot if the MIDI track with the MIDI data recorded, please? If you use it as Mackie Control, could you attach a screenshot with the Volume Automation Track shown, please?