MIDI Fader Behaviour

I accidentally moved a MIDI Fader. Now when I move it back to ‘Off’ it turns the MIDI volume for that MIDI channel to ‘0’. Is there any way to turn the fader ‘Off’ again?

(Note: Edited title from ‘Favour’ (?!?) to ‘Fader’)

Mine goes to off when I pull the fader all the way down, if I doubleclick the value and type in 0 it goes to 0, if I type -1 it goes to off.

I can get it to show ‘Off’ in the display below the fader, but the actual MIDI volume stays at ‘0’, ie no sound. What I’m hoping is there is a way of disabling the fader again so it returns to the state before I moved it. Originally, the fader was off but sound was on.

I haven’t tried entering -1 so maybe that will work, thanks.

Entering -1 works, thanks. Strange that it doesn’t if I slide the fader to the ‘Off’ position, but never mind.

Happy it worked out…