Midi fader in mixer and CC data - is this possible?

Hi folks,

Imagine i create a midi channel in the mixer.

Is it possible to create this behaviour:

When i move the volume fader of that midi fader in the mixer, that fader move is sent to the quick control of another track, as CC controller data.

Here’s an example of why i would want to do it:

Track one is a Kontakt piano, and i have a delay plugin as insert.

Track two is the midi fader. I can adjust that fader on my Behringer X-Touch controller.

I want to configure it so that when i move that fader, it controls the amount of feedback in the delay plugin in the insert of track one. So it seems i need a way to link that midi fader move to the movement of the quick control on track one.

Hmmmm, clear as mud me-thinks!


Thanks! … J

Hi you,

as far as I know, there is no way in cubase to route the midi signal from a midi-channel directly to a parameter/quick control.

I could figure out some quite convoluted way to achieve what you want by looping midi output to a midi input and using that for quick-controls. Which would in turn limit you in other ways.

I highly recommend you get a cheap 8 poti midi controller and assign that to the quick-control.

HTH, Ernst

Thanks for the info.

Maybe i’ll give the midi loopback thing a go, although in past experience that tended to make things unstable.

I tried it with LoopMIDI and it worked, but, as i expected, it made Cubase buggy and unstable.

Well, I am sorry for that - but I was afraid that would happen.

The point is: Most likely you are using the Behringer in MCU mode, don’t you? So it is set up as a controller for the mixer and various functions. With the loopback things get complicated and confused.

I have another idea that could be worth some exploration: I seem to remember (I once used an MCU) that there is a way to use the potis of the MCU for the track-quickcontrols. Maybe you find a “how to” to achieve that. Then your Controller would be in a mode where the Faders control track volume faders and the potis control the quick controls of the selected track. What comes handy now is that you can reach any parameter of any other track via the quick controls as well. That means: Not only parameters of the selected track! Thus one of your potis could control the relevant parameter of your Vst-Effect.

HTH, Ernst