MIDI fader to overdub CC data in PLAY mode

I hope this is not a silly idea. I think it would be nice for Dorico to provide a fader on the CC lane for users to overdub CC data. This way we can hear the music while adjusting the CC data. The pencil and line tools don’t allow that and we right now have to rely on an external MIDI controller. A good place for the fader is probably right at the beginning of the track, in the column where the keyboard is.

Thanks for the suggestion. If you have a keyboard or other external MIDI device with a fader, you can already record continuous controller data during real-time recording, in case that’s something you’ve not yet tried.

Yes, I have been using an external MIDI controller to overdub CC data. The suggestion I made was for improving Dorico’s mobility and it could be a useful feature for users… Thanks.