MIDI faders are controlling Embracer parameters

I am using a MIDI controller (Oxygen 88).

The Generic Controller is set to control mixer channel volume, which works.

The problem is that the faders are ALSO SIMULTANEOUSLY ADJUSTING THE SYTHN PARAMETERS in the Embracer plugin.

Even if I remove ALL of the Remote Devices in the Device Setup, the faders are still controlling the Embracer settings.

So, for example:
If I adjust the fader on channel 1 (set to mixer channel 1 volume) the Width in Embracer also changes.
If I adjust the fader on channel 5 (set to mixer channel 5 volume) the Attack level in Embracer also changes.
If I remove the Generic Remote from the Remote Devices then the volume controls go away, but the Embracer controls are still active.

How do I unlink the MIDI controller from the Embracer parameters???

This sounds like a VST Quick Controls setup issue. Try disabling them. I think you can do it on the instrument rack.

You can’t disable the VST controls in the rack, AFAIK. You can only dictate whether focus should follow track selections or not.

I suspect your VST Quick Controls section (right under your Generic Remote setup) has the same MIDI input selected. Go see. If so, set it to “not connected”.

Do the same for track controls.

Quick Controls in the rack are not enabled.
Both MIDI Input and MIDI Output in Device Setup>Quick Controls are Not Connected.
Even if I remove all of the Remote Devices, Embracer parameters are still being controlled by the MIDI controller.
As long as the Plugin (Embracer) is Monitor Enabled or Record Enabled this issue persists.

Just to confirm, both panels of Quick Controls are not connected? (there’s two now…)

Cubase 6. I posted in wrong forum but figured solution would be the same.

Ah, no VST Quick Controls in that version. Nothing else comes to mind, sorry.

Ok. Thanks. Gonna have to use another pad for this gig.