Midi Fading

Hi guys…

I have looked a couple of days for this, and searched google but found nothing.
(Im new to cubase)

When i create a Midi track and record in Midi, i cant find any function to “Fade in” or “Fade out” or “Cross fade”.

Can i only do this with audiofiles, and not midi?

I use Cubase artist 7.5.

Thanks for answers!

You can’t crossfade midi like you can audio. What you would need to do to fade one midi instrument into another would be to fade the audio channel of one down while fading the other up - using fader automation. Of you could export the audio for both midi instruments and crossfade it on an audio track.


Try “drawing in” some CC7 volume data on your midi track. should do the trick

Have done this successfully for years.

Keep in mind that unlike audio, MIDI (samples) may also change the actual
sound when changing MIDI note event values.

Another approach is to render your MIDI tracks to audio and then do your fades.

Good Luck!