Midi fault when using Integra-7 editor

After creating multi midi tracks and have assigned instruments to each track and Midi channel, i play back the song and everthing sound good but when I save the project and reload all of the Midi date is pushed out on midi channel 1, cubase shows midi being sent on different channels but integra-7 is not seeing the data. if i mute channel 1 in cubase no data is being sent yet the tracks show midi data is being sent on the non muted channels.
I’m using Apple Imac 3.2GHz 32GB DDR3 macOS Monterey v12.6

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There are some threads about this plug-in here on the forum. From this to me it seems, the plug-in is not working properly.

One of them is here but I saw other.


I just found the other thread about Integra 7, here.