Midi file and default sound patch in Dorico-HalionSonic

When i import a midi file of musicxml file in Dorico it opens Halion sonic with a default sound preset which is always flute , is there a way to define another default sound ei : piano
So the next time it opens with piano sound as default .
As i have as well Halion 5 is there a way to have Dorico opens as default another vst plug in ?


Patrick Mimran

I’m afraid at the moment there’s no good way of influencing either the choice of instrument that Dorico makes when importing a MIDI file, or of changing an existing instrument in the project to another one, though both of these issues are high priorities for us to address in future updates.

You cannot really meaningfully use any VST instrument other than HALion Sonic SE at the moment, but this will be possible very soon, hopefully in the first post-release update.

Thank you