Midi file bad played

I have a midi file of a drum.
If I import this file in Cubase and play it, the rythm is good, regular etc.
If I import this same file in VST Live, the rythm is very bad, not quantise, not regular.
Same issue if I import only the midi track, or if I import a cubase project with signature/tempo etc…

Could you let us have that midi file so we can examine?
And make sure to use the latest version (1.1.41 as of this writing).

batterie gopinath midi.mid (9.1 KB)

Here it is

Yes I always use the last version.


is on the list, thanks

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Hi @magicguigui

I’ve loaded your MIDI File to Cubase in a default project with tempo=120. Then I loaded it to VL 1.1.41 to a default project with tempo=120. I do not hear any difference. Then I looked to the events in the MIDI editor of Cubase and VST Live. And I do not see any difference, too? You? Are you running the same test? Or do you have a different workflow? Different Tempo? Maybe a Tempo track with different tempo events is running?

Thank you,

Thank you for your reply.

Let me check again using the last VST Live version.