Midi File Cubase 8

Hi , im very new to cubase , so far so good until now !

when i import a midi file plays perfect through helion , i can bring up the mixer page etc ,

But if i want to pull the volumes down of say 5 tracks on the helion module and im happy with my levels,

sound i i press stop and play all my levels settings have gone back to normal and have to keep adjusting .

How do i delete the data - so if i turned the volume of the drums to off , when i start the song again its still set to 0 .

Please Help …

Have you got “read automation” turned on?

To delete the data, if you mouse-over just under the little keyboard icon on the left hand side of the midi track, it will display an arrow, click on that, and it will show you the automation lanes. You can then either switch it on or off with the R and W buttons, or select/draw/delete the level of the parameter that you want :wink:

Hi thanks for the reply , I’ll give this a go when I’m home .

Hi Must be me been silly - I cant do it when i click on the little keyboard icon - halion module comes Up ?

How do you turn READ AUTOMATION ON ?

R turns on read automation but I doubt this is anything to do with your problem

Double click the event to open the midi editor, in the controller lane at bottom left click the little page icon next to the plus sign and choose show used controllers.
It will open up all the controller lanes and hopefully it will be obvious what is setting the volume…probably Main Vol cc7.

Hi Thanks for the reply ,

I managed it a different Way - Selected all my tracks - Midi - functions - deleted controllers - notes ect works perfect .

Thank You for You advise.