MIDI File error examples - how do I attach?

I’d like to post a msg. re. problems I’ve seen with Dorico and MIDI File import. How can I attach a .mid file to a msg? Or a .dorico project file? It seems that this message board does not allow those file types to be attached?

It would be much clearer to post the problematic files than to just write about them.

If I can’t post examples, the short problem description is: I have a MIDI File and an XML file, both derived from Sibelius score files. Dorico imports the XML file more or less correctly. It imports the whole layout (instruments\ names, etc) of the MIDI FIle correctly, but it imports notes ONLY FROM THE FIRST TRACK in the MIDI FILE. What the heck is going on here? I now this is a correct MIDI File, because I’ve imported it into several other music apps that I use.

Zip the file (compress it so the file extension is .zip) and the forum will then let you attach it so we can take a look.

Thanks, didn’t know what file types were accepted.

However, the .docrico file I’m trying to send is too large. (5 MB!!, why?? ) so I’m just sending the MIDI file (Zip = 150 KB)
1_Piccola_DP_EXPORT_SELECTION.mid.zip (45.6 KB)

True, when I import that MIDI file with standard settings not a single note does appear.
However, when I deselect the “Preserve note positions” options, then notes do get imported, just don’t know if they are correct and as expected.


I was able to import this MIDI file if I used all the default options, with “Preserve note positions” OFF. Dorico still made some very strange mistakes, but at least the (most of) the notes were there.

I just searched thru the whole Dorico PDF manual, and also the online help, and I could not find one word or screen shot documenting the Import dialog box and the meaning of its options. How is this possible? There is an incredible amount of other stuff that is not documented, or which is minimally documented.

Please bring this to the attention of your technical writers. Features that are not fully and correctly documented are useless to the user; they might as well not even be there. In fact they are worse than useless, because the user has to guess what the feature is supposed to do. And on top of that, you guys have to answer the same dumb user questions over and over…

Such as this further question: what the heck does “Preserve note positions” mean?

I’ve taken a look at this file and found that it has highlighted a bug in Dorico which has never been reported before. The unmeasured tremolos in the flute part caused a problem in the quantiser that meant that all subsequent notes couldn’t be imported. Ulf’s suggestion provided a workaround for allowing the rest of the score to be imported, but normally that shouldn’t be necessary. I have now fixed this bug so that it shouldn’t be necessary to untick that option in the future.

Some of the strange quantisation arose from the very high density of notes from what appear to be unmeasured tremolos (eg there were 13 per 16th note/semiquaver) which Dorico wasn’t able to quantise sensibly (I wouldn’t expect that any other application would import them in any meaningful way either).

The documentation for Dorico isn’t complete, but is being completed a rapid rate. Our manual writer has only been with us a few months and the manual is up to 730 pages and growing daily. It takes time to extensively document every single option, and this is one particular dialog that isn’t yet documented. We hope to release documentation updates quite rapidly.

The meaning of this particular option is whether Dorico should preserve the timing variations of the MIDI file so that when it is played back it has the same timing, or if not then the notes will be played in their quantised positions.

Hi Paul! I have encountered the same type issue with notes not importing from a midi-file, do you know when the update with the bug fix will be available?
Regards Ulrik

I don’t know when this might be available, but try using the workaround mentioned above to uncheck the option to preserve note positions. Another possibility is to quantise the midi file in your DAW prior to import. If you are still stuck then post here or send me a direct message and I’ll convert it for you with our current development build.

Ok, thank you!

Regards Ulrik