midi file export problem

I have a midi file in Cubase Artist9.5. It took a lot of work to record, and plays just like i want it to, BUT: it is made up of 6 layers, and when I export it into Dorico…it looks like garbage…and is Not the part i hear playing. note: I think the track might have layers of midi recordings on top of each other, but it is only One midi track in Cubase, and plays fine when i play it…(i assume if there are layers underneath i’m only hearing the top layer…) anyways I can’t export it properly into Dorico…how do I clean up this midi file for proper export into Dorico? please advise

any other tips on exporting Cubase midi files into Dorico greatly appreciated.
many thanks


Do I understand you right the problem is, only the most to layer from Cubase is available in Dorico?

Could you double check the export settings dialog? Could you import the MIDI file back to Cubase to know if the data of other layers is in the file or not? I.e. to know if it’s on Cubase or Dorico side.

Could you try to export Music XML instead of MIDI file?

Have you tried Exploding the midi before Exporting/Importing ?


Hi all

Peakae means separate the track in to different tracks, 1 for each midi channel, it’s under the Midi drop down,I think it’s called “Dissolve”.

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