MIDI file export > tracks missing

I exported a MIDI file from Dorico (see first screenshot for track list). Once I imported it into my sequencer (see second screenshot), it’s missing the last two tracks (Bass Drums x4 and Quad Toms x4, the latter of which is a renamed bass drum x4 track).

Any idea why these tracks might be missing?

Dorico will only export tracks that play back: if they don’t play back in Dorico, they won’t be included in the exported MIDI file. Are those tracks definitely correctly routed to a plug-in or MIDI device, and do they have appropriate percussion maps defined in Endpoint Setup?

Ah ha. You’re right that it’s not playing back in Dorico. Would you be able to point me to instructions on how to fix this? (I created this stave by selecting Setup > Add Single Player > Marching Bass Drum, then didn’t do anything beyond that besides copy and paste some notes into it.)

I just assumed if I created instruments the traditional way (by selecting them during Add Single Player) they’d be automatically set up with playback instruments. I don’t know where in the process something went wrong or got disconnected, but if I could better understand routing staves to a plug-in, I can probably figure out how to fix this. I’m sure this is fairy routine Dorico stuff, but I don’t know what to search for.

Thank you.

Reapply a Playback Template from the Play menu.

Thanks. Reapplying the playback template didn’t do it, but now that I’m on Play > Track Inspector I’m futzing around with it and think I just figured out how to assign it to a HALion track and now it just appeared in the mixer. So I think I solved it.

Still not clear on why these two tracks didn’t automatically work (since they were selected from Dorico’s regular instrument choices…)

I think some of your difficulties expressed on the forum may be due to “futzing around.” I am a great fan of learning by experimentation but just caution that one is safer doing that on a duplicate (copy) of one’s file (and one change at a time) so cumulative “futzes” do not cause later problems.