MIDI File Import default track type

One of the options for handling imported MIDI files is to have the channels automatically sent to an instance of Halionsonic SE… is it possible to configure Cubase 6 to use a different plugin as the default? I still use Native Instruments Bandstand and much preferr it for previewing MIDI files, especially given that it will auto-load suitable patches for each channel if it is a GM file.

Hi Dave.
I was playing with C6 & a few midi files last night, and the option to use HalSonicSe in multitimbral mode works really well.
Of course, HalSonicSe will also automatically set up all the right sounds for you too (so long as the GM file cotains that info) - and volume, pan & effects too (HalSe switches to GM mode).
There’s no way (that I know of) of using any other plugin (automatically) instead.
You could, however, choose the above option, then just replace the instance of HalSonicSe that appears in the instrument rack with Bandstand - and finally re-route the midi track outputs.
(might save you a bit of setting up time …)

Hmmm… I’ll try it with HalionSonicSE again then, as it didn’t automatically load any sounds for me and it looked like a fairy arduous task to find the right GM style voices manually. If I can get it to autoload the right voices, then that’ll be good enough for me.

If you use the Loop Browser, you can load the VSTi of your choice in the Instrument Rack and then select it in the preview pane of the Loop Browser and audition MIDI files right there.