Midi file import

Trying to import test midi files from Cubase. A piano file imports as a flute file, single stave; cannot see any way of changing the player’s instrument once it is assigned. Nothing in online manual.

As a workaround, have tried creating another instrument (piano) or another player (with piano), hoping to reassign the flow to them or to insert the notes by cut-and-paste; can’t see any way of doing these. It’s easy in Cubase.


The ability to change an instrument once it’s imported is something that will be possible in the next update.

…And until then you can add a piano player, copy and paste the erroneous flute notes, and then delete the flute part.

Not sure why you are having difficulty with copy and pate, although choosing an entire staff of music can be more problematic in Dorico (so far) than in some other notation programs. Some folks suggest using Galley mode and shrinking the view percent to be able to transfer more music in one copy/paste.