Midi file including specified GM track issue

Please help,

I don’t really know where to ask this question but it is really putting a halt on my progress with Cubase. Huge thanks in advance.

Some back ground: I am trialing cubase elements at the moment, and when I get a bit of money together (after Christmas) I intend to buy it as I tried other programs and really like this (also my friends uses it so it is nice to get help from them from time to time in the future).

I have found another person describing this issue in a youtube comment. I’ll quote that below then I will tell you how I fixed the issue once and can’t manage to fix it again.

“I use cubase and get my Midi sounds via [Halion Sonic SE]. I can change the instrument sound on any midi track playing by reselecting … but when I restart the track the instrument reverts back to the original. How do I change the instrument in Cubase so that it saves the change?”

So one time on the phone to my friend we talked it through and I could see small durations of ‘blank’ data at the start of each midi track. I deleted them and the issue was gone. So I inferred that the ‘blank’ or silent data were midi signals to set the instrument (in this case to the general midi sound from Finale that I use).

Issue fixed. so I thought. At least is was fixed for that day, for that project.

Since then, I have started new fresh projects (using the empty template. Then I import my midi track (five tracks in total load in). But I can’t find the right bits of track to delete. The midi information signalling the general midi instrument must be a part of the tracks. I opened the piano roll and couldn’t see anything either.

I’m trying to explain myself clearly and I hope you understand my problem. Thanks for any help in advance. I am really looking forward to getting a workflow going and creating (or turning my compositions into) real music.


Aloha c,

Sounds to me like a ‘MIDI Program Change’ issue.

Don’t know that specific version of Cubase but if there is a
‘List Editor’, you can use that feature to find/replace/move/delete/insert etc
all sorts of MIDI messages including ‘MIDI Program Change’.

These messages are usually at the beginning of the
MIDI track but can be placed at any location.

So use the List Editor to find and modify/change them
thru-out the entire track.

Good Luck!

Thank you for the response. Your suggestion sounds about right but I can’t find a list editor.

Like I said I don’t know that version of Cubase
(perhaps someone who knows will chime in)
but for me it is under:
Open Key Editor
Open Score Editor
Open Drum Editor
Open List Editor

Good Luck!

I solved it. That or it’s a work around.

From a new project, I imported the midi file, which by default created the five midi tracks (plus one black midi info track).

I then added my own instrument tracks. Selecting Halion Sonic SE. Then I drag my tracks on the instrument tracks, and assign them the correct instrument.

The only thing that now is an issue is the tempo is at default. I can change that easily, but I don’t yet know how to change it through the song (which this song does once). I am pretty sure I can search the answer to that.

Thanks folks.