MIDI File Output formats?

What is the plan on MIDI exports currently? Will they be Format 1 (all instruments saved to different tracks) or Format 0 (all instruments saved to a single track) (Coming from Finale in case you couldn’t guess.)

Also, I tried Notion for a little while and their MIDI exports, unfortunately, don’t work too well. All instruments are saved to one track and no matter what the key signature of your piece is, it saves the MIDI to 4/4. Using this export as a MIDI accompaniment on a Yamaha piano made the file almost unusable. It sounded great, but I could never start in the middle of the song somewhere since I couldn’t see where my measures should be.

To the best of my knowledge Dorico exports Type 1 MIDI files. At the moment there are no options for choosing the export format.

Dorico exports as Type 1 and does export time signatures, at least for the simple cases. There is no way to represent some of the more complex time signatures that Dorico supports in MIDI files.

Are meter changes also exported? Example: 4/4 changing to 6/8 changing to 3/4…or any types of changes like that? I definitely understand that the complex non-meter stuff might not export.

Thanks for the info and quick replies!

Yes, basic meter changes are exported.