MIDI File overriding VST instrument preset when moving cursor

Hello all,

I import MIDI files into Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 from MuseScore3 and oftentimes even though I place the file into a new instrument track, the instrument settings (ie, volume, reverb, etc.) is reverted to a seemingly random preset whenever I move the cursor backwards, or to the beginning of the track.

It doesn’t seem to matter which instrument I use, even my piano is sometimes taken hostage and forced to play a random voice that I did not specify.

Ready to pull my hair out. I have no idea what to do, I’ve combed through every setting and button and nothing works. Any advice is extremely welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi and welcome,

Most probably, there are the MIDI Controllers data written in the MIDI Track. Please double-check MIDI CC7 (Volume), MIDI CC92 (Reverb Depth), Program Change and other MIDI Events written in the track.

Thanks for the reply,

Are you able to tell me where/how I can access this data? Learning the program on my own.


For this task the best view is the List Editor.