Midi file share - where are they?

Hello, I’m collaborating with another - online - to create a finished song.
My song has two midi tracks and three audio. I wish to send the other person my files but I need assistance in finding them. I see the audio tracks (even though there are too many) but I cannot find the midi tracks in order to send.

Any pointers would help.
Thank you.

The midi data is embedded in the project file.
If you need midi files then you have to export those tracks as midi files.

If you are exchanging with a different DAW then it makes sense to also consolidate your audio files by using batch export . This ensures all files start at the same place so they can just be dropped into any DAW in perfect sync.

Of course if the other guy uses Cubase you can just give them the entire project folder.

Thanks Grim, the midi worked great - however I looked up batch exporting in the manual and Youtube tutorials - it may not be available for 8 - I cannot find it - its functionality isn’t available in the mixdown screen like the other versions in the tutorials.

Well it’s in 8 Pro…But not 8 Elements or Artist.

So your alternative is to solo tracks and export one at a time.