MIDI files and switing between TEMPO FIXED and TEMPO TRACK

I just have a simple question that I cannot find the answer to. But I’m sure it has an simple answer … I hope.
How to let the midi events in a MIDI file follow when you change between FIXED and TRACK TEMPO?

Now when i switch between the FIXED and TRACK modes the MIDI events are not moving along …

You switch the track they´re on to musical timebase…

… one little detail… (depending upon situation)… the metronome should currently be in sync with the MIDI in either Fixed or Track mode (if the tempos are different). Make sure you are in the mode that is in sync, before you switch to Musical Timebase.

Thanks guys.
You’ve made my day. :slight_smile:
The problem was that “ToggleTimebase” is not visible by default for MIDI tracks.
Once I enabled that under Track Control Settings and set it according to your advice it worked just fine.

Thanks again!