MIDI files dragged or imprted only make empty SysEx Data tracks

I have a lesson pack which contains several midi files. They play if I double check them and in Windows it uses the basic Media PLayer… I can hear the melodies using the very basic GM sound.

When i try to import them into cubase either via file import or with a simple drag and drag, it only makes a 1 bar and totally empty SysEx Data track.

I tested other midi files (drum loops) which do appear to work ok. What could be wrong with the midi files from the lesson pack? It is possible they were maybe exported from Logic since that is what the teacher was using.

here is a rar file which contains one of the midi files that will play OK in Windows Media Player so I know the notes
synth.rar (390 Bytes)
are there, but it will not import into Cubase 10.5 pro

Well I’m pretty lame. my project was zoomed in too far and the midi data did not start until WAY out at measure 80 or so… so. my import DOES WORK!

Haha I’m sure we’ve all been caught out like that or in a similar fashion at some point. I certainly have! Glad you got it sorted