MIDI files in library

Could someone explain why Cubase, which is so powerful in midi, cannot enter a midi file in his library, and not save its various versions ?

Good question.

Possibly this can help you? http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=57714&hilit=+mediabay#p349460

Yes, but even in less complicated. Only midi files in a project and readable Manager Cubase directories. This lack is staggering in 2014, in a version 7. 5…

I already wrote I just Pro-Tools. I prefer today to Cubase, especially since are Mixer, which is really a great thing. But Pro-Tools, yet low in midi, perfectly handles midi files and renames to each of their modification. It’s great.

What is that function called in Pro Tools?

Manager files, much like a library, but that appears in window (closed or open) on the right. You can ask the main files (source) only or their variations, export, etc., as is done with audio files. I did not open often PT now, but I remember it. Anyway, I would have the french name, which would not help you!

I also accept the idea of markers in each editor. Cubase sleeps deeply on this point.

(en français marcherait) So it’s a list of all the midi regions in the project?

There are a series of files named automatically at each change of a single note. That’s a lot of versions, but it weighs nothing. Very useful.

See my image: I imported a violin midi file, and then I modified 4 times. PT itself created the file violin 1, 2, etc.

I have to leave. Back next week. Greetings.
pt clips.PNG