Midi Files on Midi Track stop triggering the vocoder on the audio track (solved)

Hi there

Controlling the vocoder via Midi is a mystery to me right now. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
I control the vocoder on an audio track via a midi track. Worked perfectly.
Then I simply made a new file from the audio file using “Select as file”. Nothing else! And bang, the Midi chord no longer triggers the vocoder. Same with the 2nd audio. The 3rd one worked again.
Then I duplicated the track to experiment a bit.
I deleted the midi files and re-recorded them with the keyboard. It worked. So it’s not the audio files.
Then I “straightened” the midi files a bit. And again the vocoder is not triggered by the midi track.
What could be the reason for this? No idea, thanks.

A routing problem. Still sorting out, but I think I got it.

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