midi files

Hi, I have a problem. I am importing a midi file (my friend and me are performing as a duo and we want some
rhytm and bass as backingtrack). When file is imported, I can manipulate with the tracks, delete a track or two, change the transpose the key to fit my voice and stuff like that.
then I save the file in cubase. And at the same time I export the midi file.
Then I want to play the file via Ipad on our PA system. BUT the midi player (we use “sweet midi player”) does not play the instruments that I originally recorded in Cubase i.e. drums turn into odd keyboards sounds, strings turn into funny sounds. What am I doing wrong. ?
When I play the file in windows media player i get the same “noise”. !!

I believe I am making a simple mistake, but I cant figure out what I am doing wrong.


You are saying you save a file in Cubase AND you are exporting a MIDI file as well, and then referring to wanting to play the file, so based on the symptoms you are describing, I am assuming you are referring to playing a MIDI (.MID) file. If I am off the mark, I apologize and ask to be ignored. :slight_smile:

MIDI does not contain sounds, just the performance (so to speak). So a program that wants to play a MIDI file will need some sort of sound engine to play back the performance from the MIDI file. Often, this is where General MIDI is used.

If the sounds you had selected for the MIDI tracks in Cubase does not correspond to the sounds assumed by the MIDI player, your composition can sound very strange indeed.

Aloha M,
Ahhh! ‘MIDI 101’ I see.

I posted a modified version of this post in another thread.

Hope it helps you to understand this part of the MIDI protocol.

_Depending on how they were made
.MID files from 3rd party sources can
have mucho MIDI events buried in them.

In your case there are MIDI ‘Program Change’ messages in that file(s)
telling what ever sound source you are using to play a certain sound.

You need to delete those messages and insert yer own.

This is where the Cubase ‘List Editor’ feature can really help
to find and then delete those 3rd party MIDI PC messages.

Using the LE
1- Using the ‘Focus’ feature first locate and delete
all ‘Program Change’ messages thru out the track then
2-in the very beginning of the MIDI track, insert
a PC message/event that brings up the sound you want.

As long as there are no other PC events on that track
(or any that are on another track but are on the same MIDI ‘channel’)
YOUR sound(s) will play thru the entire song.

So when you say:

drums turn into odd keyboards sounds

This is because there is a lil MIDI cop (Program Change message) telling any MIDI event that walks on that street (track)
to only make a piano sound.

For that specific street we need to change that ‘piano cop’ and put in a ‘drum cop’.

Get it yet?

HTH (hope this helps)

GREAT - I believe this is exactly the problem. I am going to experiment with my midi files - based on you tips. thx very much, very helpful.