Midi filter and merge

I have 2 midi keyboards, one weighted keyboard for piano one with waterfall keybed for Hammond, synths, strings, brass, …
My weighted keyboard has the drawbars. Is there a way that i filter the midi messages of the 2 keyboards and merge before assigning the midi source to the Layer. I need the notes related midi info from the waterfall keyboard going to the Hammond VST as well as the drawbar midi info from the weighted midi keyboard. In the Layer I can only select one midi source.

Hi @MartinHollreiser,

you could work with two layers and one “Shared Instrument”.

  1. Start VL
  2. A Default Layer_1 is created to Part_1
  3. Select your Instrument for Layer_1
  4. Select MIDI Keyboard_1 for Layer_1
  5. Open Context Menu of Layer_1 (Right-Click) and select “Duplicate Shared”
  6. Select MIDI Keyboard_2 for Layer_2

See you,

Thank you for your quick reply. Can I also filter out all the information from keyboard_2 (e.g. notes, pedal, … , which I do not want to come to the Layer 1 instrument.

Yes, menu Layer/Layer Controller Map, blocked column.
For notes, you may create a Layer Zone.

Great, it works.

One more question. Can I convert NRPN Midi messages to midi CC within VST Live.

Sure, that’s what the aforementioned Layer Controller Map is for.

Sorry, I have tried but do not get it:
e.g if i want to switch on percussion on hammond VST to 3rd harmonic my controller keyboard sends 4 CCs:
CC#99 2 (Non-RegMSB)
CC#98 21 (Non-RegLSB)
CC#6 0 (DataEntMSB)
CC#38 127 (DataEntLSB)
my VST expects e.g.
CC#68 0 (OFF) or 127 (ON)

how can i implement this mapping in ‘Layer Controler Map’. I need to combine the 4 from the controller into 1 for the VST.

When does your keyboard send all those controllers? For one switch/function you need just one controller which you can map to the desired MIDI message, or Quick Control?

Such conversion requires some real scripting as you can find in Halion with Lua. Of course, it will be fantastic to have a scripting language in VL…

Hi, i have a similar problem. Two keyboards connected to vst live via usb ports. #1 Nord electro 6 with sustain and expression pedals, the #2 is a keyboard midi. I would like that pedal messages from #1 affect to the keyboard #2 layers, even #1 is not sending midi notes, I mean, press pedals from #1, not necessarily their keys, and obtain sustain or expression in #2 keyboard.

I worked all this morning with no success. Thanks for your answers

If you want to send 2 keyboard inputs to the same Instrument, send the 2nd Layer Instrument to the first by selecting it in the “Shared” menu.
If you need to surpress notes, create a keyzone with just one note (i.e 0, or 127).

Hi, thanks a lot. It works for me, and I will use it, but is not a definitive or an elegant solution. I hope Steinberg implements the multi midi in/out and improves the midi routing