MIDI for cubase elements

Hi everyone,
im new to the whole recording thing and i have all my “essentials” if you will including

Cubase elements 7
Steinberg CI2 advanced interface
Shure SM57 mic

The next thing i want to get is some midi equipment. Does HALion Sonic come with cubase elements by chance? If no what should i get for midi software and what controllers work best with that software?

My last question is kinda a dumb question: do all midi controllers work with more than just their companies software
(i.e. Akai Professional MPK25 being used with cubase rather than Ableton Live)

Thanks guys :mrgreen:

You are correct. i was referring to a keyboard controller. my main instrument is guitar but i do play some piano and am more comfortable handling one for this type of thing. I would be using a USB midi.

What does Cubase offer in loo of the midi software? Is this offered in all versions of cubase or just the full version?

Thanks a ton!

thanks a lot for your time. I always thought that midi was only accessible with a controller but i guess not?

Pardon my inexperience. How do you control your MIDI projects without using a controller like a desktop keyboard or something of the sort?

Max :mrgreen:

For recording midi a controller is the easiest way in most cases, but you can also draw the midi data in the editors, as well as use the onscreen keyboard.