Midi from GB to Cubasis.

Hi, help me please in one issue. I like midi sounds in GarageBand, but Cubasis is much beter as a DAW, so i’d like to transfer the sounds from GB to Cubasis midi tracks.

Open GB, go to the instrument, then in Cubasis i create midi track, in “routing” midi outputs set “Virtual MIDI”, and in “instruments” set “No Instrument” to hear only the sound from GB. And it’s work, i play on the Cubasis keys, and hear sound from GB. But if I try to add any “insert effect” on this track, it will not work. Same as i can’t export this track to the audio format - freezing track or recording will make an empty audio file.

I understand problem may be because on midi track in Cubasis I don’t choose “Inter-App” GB, because it is not listed there. So, there is some way to transfer GB midi sound in Cubasis and fully process it?

You can advise me to make all work with midi in GB, than export it to audio file and add it to Cubasis. And it could be a solution, but in audio file I can’t change timbre of the instrument or other functions… Also there is another problem in this case - audio files from GB solo tracks are always with artifacts and clips… maybe bcouse of my old iPad2…? Thanks for eny help!


GB has some of the best Instruments and playing surfaces anywhere on iOS … but while they will respond to MIDI from outside GB there’s no capability to get the audio produced routed anywhere external. ie GB can’t be an AudioBus output … Only an input.

Similarly there’s no way to get MIDI from the internal instruments to trigger external instruments … That’s what I’d like!

Basically any sound GB makes can only be recorded in GB.


This could help.

Thanks, but that’s not what I need