MIDI from multiple sources

Hi there,

can I select more than one MIDI source for a given track, instead of just one or “all MIDI”?

Much appreciated.

You can use “all midi” and set up what “all midi” should contain.

yes, just a checkbox in midi device setup which belonga to all midi group.

If you want only certain MIDI sources active, you can create a number of MIDI tracks, assign the desired MIDI ins, then route all of them to your desired track. Arm all and you’re ready to go.

I’m aware of that, but was hoping to be able to set this per channel individually. Guess that’s not on.

Appreciate your comments.

Hi, cmbsa’s suggestion is a way to accomplish what you are asking for!

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for your suggestions, interesting. Nevertheless they don’t really speed up things the way I’ve wished for.

Can you explain what you try to accomplish?