Midi functions menu gone

Where is the midi functions context menu within the key editor? I tried selecting some notes and going up to the midi menu in the main menu bar and that applies the functions to the entire region…not helpful. I’d like to apply these functions to only selected notes. Wasn’t this in the context menu of the piano roll editor before v10?

Well in 9.5 (and previously) you could select some notes in the key editor, right click and get a lot of options and sub menus. Among them the midi functions sub menu. In C10 (at least on my system) I only get a short list of useless options when I right click. I have to go to the main menu bar of the project window to get to the midi functions sub menu, when working in the key editor. Drives me crazy.


Right, but unfortunately, those midi options in the main menu only apply to the entire region. The whole point of being in the key editor is to apply functions to specific notes. We cannot do that anymore. It makes literally no sense to take away this functionality.

If there is another way to do this, I would love to know. Besides slicing up the region, applying the functions, and gluing it back together again. Which makes the key editor pointless.

No, it applies to the selected notes in the key editor.

Ah, I see what’s happening. I have two monitors, and even though the main menu looks exactly the same on both monitors, you have to use the one on the same monitor with the key editor. Again, it doesn’t make any sense. Put a little button or something down in the key editor or just give back the right-click menu.