MIDI Functions Reverse and Mirror

Hello, I’m trying to understand what are the differences between these two functions, with “Mirror” I see that all the events are reversed in order, the same happens if I use “Reverse” on a part with all notes with the same values, but if I apply the “Reverse” function I get overlapping notes and I don’t understand what’s the logic behind it. In the manual I haven’t found an answer. Someone has sorted out how it works?

Mirror is a visual mirror as if you looked at the events in a mirror, effectively retrograde; reverse reverses the order of the notes without regard to their lengths- lengths are unchanged, thus you get overlaps.

Don’t really know what use Reverse has actually. I’m curious how people use it.

I’ve tried various combinations of events with different lenghts but the behaviour is not so predictable, sometimes happens what you have said, but sometimes it acts in an unexpected way. I don’t know if there’s some bug because another strange thing is that in the Undo menu the Reverse and Mirror functions are confused, if you use Mirror and go in the Undo menu it appears as Reverse…

Yes, the undo label is wrong- it shows Reverse for both.

Here’s an illustration of how it works:




Ok, thank you, I get the same result, but still I don’t understand the logic behind the Reverse algorithm. Why in the reversed part D3 and B2 are moved this way?

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