Are there any plans for MIDI effects in Cubasis? Inspired by Cubase and it’s MIDI Arpeggiator (Arpache), Auto LFO, Beat designer, Chorder, Compressor etc.? These would be great and effective tools in the compact Cubasis design.

Couldn’t agree more…

I frequently route the midi out of Cubasis and into StepPolyArp before hitting a synth. Then in SPA you can “draw” live on the pitch, mod, velocity or CCs.

I’ve asked for this before too, would be great.

I use a few different hardware synths, and even if they have arpeggiators they all might work differently, so I end up having to program the arpeggiated tracks on Cubasis if I want consistency. Having a MIDI FX Arpeggiator would make it so much more simple, and it would add an Arpeggiator function to synths (hardware or software) without one.

Other MIDI effects would be great too, like a MIDI Delay, or even some routing tools.
It would be great as well to have a way to combine different Mono Synths in order to make a Poly Synth, as MIDIPal does.

Hi guys,

We have those MIDI FX on our feature request list. :slight_smile:

That’s a good thing. Now, putting them on the feature list is even better :smiley: