MIdi Gate : automated bypass doesn't bypass

Hi all, I initially posted a bug report in the Nuendo forum a while ago with no answer except one user (Splaat) not being able to repro but I’ve just tested this on Cubase 10 on a totally different machine and i get the same result.

Original thread :

I try to explain the repro a bit better than in the original thread below.

Can anyone confirm this please ?

Repro :

  • insert midi gate on an audio track with audio on it
  • route a blank midi track to the midi gate (no midi notes needed to trigger the opening of the gate)
  • hit play, the audio is muted by the gate as it should be
  • automate the bypass of the midi gate on a few bars
  • while doing the automation pass, you actually hear the audio like you should.
  • hit stop and play back from where your midi gate is bypassed
  • audio is muted as if the midi gate was not bypassed.



I cannot confirm this, it works to me here.

See attached GIF, please.

Thanks a lot for testing Martin, I have something wrong on my side of things, I’ll try and sort this out.


I’m trying hard and can’t get it to work, prefs, automation modes, all MidiGate controls, even changing samplerate

…only on N10 as I don’t have access to the C10 I tested it on anymore…

I guess this is irrelevant but @Martin could you tell me which version of MidiGate you have please ?


I was testing this again and you are right, it doesn’t work as expected. Especially if you add a MIDI Note. I found 3 bugs here.

Hit playback.
Stop playback after the MIDI Note Off point.
Jump back to the beginning and hit playback again.
=> The MIDIGate bypass is not applied when there is no MIDI Note, so you can’t hear the signal even though the MIDI Gate is bypassed.

Hit playback.
Stop playback after the MIDI Note On point.
Jump back to the beginning and hit playback again.
=> You can hear the signal is passing thru the Gate even if there is no MIDI Note.

Delete the trigger MIDI Note.
=> It still behaves like the trigger MIDI Note is present.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-28137

Thanks for in-depth checking Martin, just to be clear, I can reproduce my Repro 100% everytime in Nuendo 10.2 and Cubase 10.5

Is that not the case for you ?

I’m refering to your first reply with the screenshot you attached where it clearly seems to work as expected on your side…



Your original report is just o consequence of one of my use case.