MIDI Gate - Routing

Cubase 11 AI LE

Wanted to gate an Audio-Track via a MIDI-Track (ducking). Read the Steinberg help section for this.

Problem: in MIDI Track “…open menue OUTPUT ROUTING…”

Couldn’t find the expression “output routing” anywhere. Where is this thing?

And by the way… “routing” is a heavy, heavy, heavy problem for me. The inspector shows in and out. And there are no big options. Usually MIDI in and a VST out. But where can I route differently? Where will I have to search to find how to route in Cubase. I’m looking for GENERAL explanations; not YT videos explaining specific things in pro-version - which I don’t have. How do I route?

Put the MIDI Gate as an Insert FX on an Audio Track or Instrument Track. (The track you want the gate effect on.)
Create a new MIDI Track. In the Inspector, select the MIDI Gate under Output Routing.

Did you read my post?
Where is this “Output Routing”???

Is it possible, that such a thing is not part of my AI LE version?

I have the German version. Being in the first item of the Inspector, I have signs with:

  • “load preset”
  • “input routing”
  • “instrument”
  • “programs”
  • “drum maps”

No “output routing”.
The manual shows the same problem. 76 results for “routing”. Nowhere any description or picture, where this “output routing” shall be.

MIDI channel - adjust output … “top of inspector… open output routing” … there is not such a thing.

It would appear so, yes.

It’s this field:

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Thank you.
That’s, what is called “instrument” at me. And therefore the options are … instruments… only.
Pretty confusing. And if it’s depending on the version, those are exactly the things which are not explained anywhere. So how shall I decide which version is needed to have such things.

On my system even the tooltip is called “Output Routing”. I don’t know why you think it is called “instrument”.


This is a MIDI Track - it has been said before but I just wanna make sure.

Yeah…you’re definitely using the wrong track type…must be midi…not instrument track.

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That was the decisive tip!!! Can’t tell you, how grateful I am.

I am used to do such things with the workstation. Actually I am a player … rare kind of humans here :wink:
Instrument is MIDI for me. I feel allways thrown back and forth, which way is more hell. DAW or Yamaha workstation. At least I master the workstation. Would have been nice to do the construction and planning in the DAW first. But … not with this gate plugin! Brutally bad.
So I will do it the usual way and use Cubase only as a sequencer to import in my workstation. There I am capable creating effects as they should be … in seconds :wink:

At least you helped me finding this routing thing… only in MIDI tracks. Okay.