MIDI Ghost notes while one track is disabled?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it’s possible to use ghost notes in Cubase, I know the standard way of selecting two MIDI parts from two different channels and then entering the piano roll.

But with this method you are able to edit the notes of both channels, but sometimes it’s not convenient, for example when notes are overlapping. What I want is to only see notes from one channel without being able to edit them. and also see and be able to edit notes from a second channel (like in FL studio). Is that possible?

Thanks in advance


You can enable “Edit Active Part Only” in the Key Editor toolbar (Multiple Part Controls toolbar option in Cubase 11), which allows you to select the Part to be edited. However, if you click on a note from another Part with the Object Selection tool, it changes the Part you are editing to the one that note is in. All the other tools, like Trim and Erase, only affect the selected Part.

So if you need to move an overlapping note, it can be annoying. If it’s a strictly quantized song, moving with left/right arrow keys between notes (requires disabling Step Input) and using the up/down arrows to transpose and Ctrl+left/right arrows to move the note in time is an option.

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You can somewhat mitigate this by setting the Note Colors in the Key Editor to be based on the Track’s Color to help avoid selecting a Note in the other Part. When Notes from different Parts overlap, generally the Notes in the Currently active Parts will be on top.


Thanks guys!