MIDI Ghost

Please excuse the supposedly lame question, but how do I route the MIDI data from one MIDI track (which is already set to connect to a VSTi) to another MIDI track, so it would just run as a ghost track? (e.g. to stack drums or to address several synths from just one MIDI track)?

MIDI send.

MIDI send brings up effects, not routing options. I just want a 1:1, not any effect.

Edit: just found the possibility to send to an additional VSTi. No way to send it to another MIDI-Track, so I can apply transpose or timing offsets or whatever?

Edit again: OK, found the MIDI modifiers within the effects. Still miss the good old “Ghost of” feature though.

Ehm, just copy the MIDI track?

If you’re doing this once you’re finished with everything, that makes sense. But I like to work with stacked sounds all the way through the process.

Anyway, it works ok with MIDI send to different VSTi and then change the necessary parameters through MIDI send plugin. Case solved.

Alright. On the other hand - a copy (or several) of the MIDI file will change according to the original (if set correctly), so you can start working like that. And instead of several VSTis you might want to look into the instrument rack with one multi-timbral/ channel VSTi.

You need a midi loop-back to put on a midi, not instrument, track - although you can route it to an instrument track.

If you are running 32-bit get MIDI Yoke, for 64-bit use LoopBe. Once installed they will look like additional midi in and out ports to Cubase. Take care to avoid creating a midi feedback loop.

Thank you! I’ll try that!